Top 10 Restaurants of Agra

The first thing that comes into your mind about Agra is Taj Mahal. Tourists keep flocking to Agra to witness the biggest tourist attraction in the form of Taj Mahal. Agra is also hub of a lot of local eating points for foodies. In this blog post, we have collected a list of top Agra’s restaurants that you must visit. Also find the recipes of favourite dishes.


The literal meaning of the name of this restaurant is “Light emitted by the servant of God”. The owner of this restaurant has dedicated the restaurant to his father. The restaurant mainly serves South Indian food and is clean and hygienic. Dasaprakash is known for its amazing thali that serves great dishes. The restaurant is very popular in Agra and around the city.

Pinch of Spice

This is not located inside a five star hotel but is home to some great dishes. The North Indian dishes served here are amazing and are loved by the locals here. Some dishes that are must have include murg boti masala, chicken tikka in a rich and spicy gravy, and paneer lababdar which is a fresh diced cheese in spicy sauce and onion. These are all authentic dishes and there is good ambience and service with great dining experience.


Jahanpanah restaurant serves one of the best Awadhi cuisines. If you are a lover of non-veg food, you must visit this restaurant. Some of their signature dishes include galawat kababs, kakori and lucknawi biryani. Their food is unique and the ingredients used are from Lucknow. The chefs work on Awadhi cuisine. They have mastered dum style cooking on slow fire.

Lakshmi Vilas

If you want to experience South Indian food at reasonable price, then Lakshmi Vilas is a perfect restaurant. The restaurant is a favourite among Agra food lovers. The interior decoration of the restaurant is very simple and the ambience is also good. Their thali is a must have for lunch and dinner. Try these South Indian recipes: Dosa, Idli, Sambhar.

Chapter 1 Café

This is one of the funkiest places to eat in Agra. This café serves many cuisines and caters to the young crowd of Agra. It has trendy decoration and ambience. Come with your friends to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Bon Barbecue

For those who enjoy barbecued food, Bon Barbecue is a great place to be. It is perfect for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians. The food here is perfect and ranges from mutton, mushrooms, prawns etc. Unlimited amounts of kebabs are available here for limited price. Some favourite dishes include Moong Dal Halwa and Lemon Fish in White Sauce.

Chokho Jeeman

If you really like the vegetarian food, then Choko Jeeman is a great place to be. The food here is delicious and amazing and the ambience makes it a perfect place to be.


This restaurant offers the best of fine dining. The Dal Makhani, which is also known as Bukhara is a special dish and a must have.


If you want to enjoy Indian cuisine with live entertainment, then Jhankar is the place to be. The restaurant conducts live music gigs and dances each night and attracts a lot of crowd. It serves Indian dishes with a variation of Aloo Dum Chutney wale. If you want to try non-veg, then you must go for Magazi Murgh Korma.


This restaurant serves great thali. It is located next to ITC hotel. If you are vegetarian, then you must visit this restaurant. The food here is awesome.

Indian Chefs Who Helped Indian Cuisine Gain World Fame

Indian cuisine has its presence throughout the world. But what has accelerated this process is India’s famous chefs. Over the course of recent years, these chefs have made this position by working in the kitchen and bringing out their art of cooking in front of everyone. Each chef has his/her own unique identity that sets him/her apart. Let’s discuss about the best of chefs that India has produced.


Ranveer Brar

photo courtesy: indiatvnews

photo courtesy: indiatvnews

Ranveer Brar is considered to be India’s most stylish chef. Hailing from Punjab, Ranveer’s first cooking experience was at age of six in a Gurudwara’s langar. He got most of his culinary education from Lucknow’s old streets. He launched a French Asian restaurant named Banq that won the award by Wallpaper magazine for “Best New Restaurant in the World.” He has been a host of a number of TV shows and is a judge of MasterChef India.


Vikas Khanna

Photo Courtesy: zemmrate

Photo Courtesy: zemmrate

This star chef started his culinary journey in Amritsar in his grandmother’s kitchen. This Michelin star chef has won many awards. He has worked with the best chefs throughout the world. These include Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay. He lives in New York and runs a very popular restaurant, Junoon. The People Magazine named him ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2011. He also hosted a dinner party for US president Obama.


Madhur Jaffery

Photo Courtesy: telegraph

Photo Courtesy: telegraph

Madhur Jaffery is not just a great chef, but she is also an actress who acted in more than 20 films. Known as the ‘Queen of Curries’, Madhur Jaffery has written more than 15 cookery books. Her first book named ‘An Invitation to Indian Cookery’ appeared in 1973.


Sanjeev Kapoor

Photo Courtesy: sleekworld

Photo Courtesy: sleekworld

Sanjeev Kapoor needs no introduction. He is the most famous face in the Indian cooking arena. His TV show Khana Khazana is the longest running cooking shows of Asia. He broke the world record for preparing world’s largest jalebi and imarti.

If you want Indian recipes by Sanjeev Kapoor visit:


Tarla Dalal

Photo Courtesy: mid-day

Photo Courtesy: mid-day

Tarla Dalal’s name is recognized by most Indians. Tarla Dalal started her career by hosting cooking classes in her home in 1966 after she got married. Her first cookbook was published in 1974 with the name of ‘Pleasure of Vegetarian Cooking’. Her specialty was Gujarati cuisine and healthy cooking. She has written more than 100 cookbooks. She died in 2013 but her gifts to the world are still cherished.

If you want Indian recipes by Tarla Dalal visit:


Nita Mehta

Photo Courtesy: twitter

Photo Courtesy: twitter

She is the founder of one of India’s largest publishing house for cookbooks. Three of her cookbooks have won international awards and she has published over 600 cookbooks. She conducts various cooking programs throughout the world. Her institute Nita Mehta Cooking Classes is very popular in Delhi.


Manish Mehrotra

Photo Courtesy: vebidoo

Photo Courtesy: vebidoo

Manish Mehrotra started a Delhi-based eatery named Indian Accent. He is well known for his contribution to the traditional Indian cuisine. He won many awards including ‘Foodistan’, a game show by NDTV GoodTimes, Vir Sanghvi Award, HT City Crystal Awards, Best Chef of 2010 and 2012, and American Express Best Chef of the Year.


Anjum Anand

Photo Courtesy: thetimes

Photo Courtesy: thetimes

Anjum Anand is a well-known British Indian chef. She has a good television presence. Besides cooking she holds a degree in European business administration. She once worked at Park Royal Hotel, New Delhi as waitress.


Ritu Dalmia

Photo Courtesy: newindianexpress

Photo Courtesy: newindianexpress

This Indian celebrity chef is the proud owner of Diva, a restaurant well known in Delhi. Ritu came to fame with the cookery show known as “Italian Khana” in NDTV Good Times. The show ran for three seasons. Her first book came in 2009.


Hari Nayak

Photo courtesy: darpanmagazine

Photo courtesy: darpanmagazine

He is another Indian chef who has made his reputation throughout the world. He is regarded as one of the best Indian chefs of North America. He runs a food service consultancy. Besides this, Hari is a great author who has written many books. His most famous book is “Modern Indian Cooking”.


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