10 Amazingly Refreshing Best Summer Drinks

10 Amazingly Refreshing Best Summer Drinks

India is full of veggies, herbs, and fruits. Many of these are uniquely found in a particular region or area. Therefore, there are special summer drinks for each region of India. For example, In Bihar, sattu (barley flour + roasted chickpea) is consumed in summers. In Western and South India, coconuts are available easily and thus, the summer heat is easily beaten with coconut water. These drinks are to beat the summer and keep you cool from summer heatwaves. They all have an amazing taste.

Here we have some best summer drinks you can make at home:-

  • Nimbu Pani(Indian Lemonade): The most consumed and cheapest drink of India, Nimbu Pani is the most common drink of India. You can make it more flavorful by adding mint juice, black salt, roasted cumin powder, and black salt. You can make it sweet (shikanji) or consume a salty version of it.Nimbu Pani
  • Coconut Water: Fresh Coconut water is a blessing in disguise for those whom it is easily available. It is the healthiest option for beating the heat of summer. Here’s the recipe of coconut water with Mango Lassi: http://bit.ly/2p18V98Coconut Water
  • Jaljeera: This is a spicy Indian drink that is consumed as appetizer or drink. It is a very famous North Indian drink. Jaljeera is the best summer drinks you can make easily at home. This is one of the best summer drinks you can ever drink.Jaljeera
  • Sweet Lassi: This yogurt is a famous North Indian drink. You can either make it salty or sweet. If you are preparing lassi at home, you may use rose water, saffron, and cardamom powder to give it a much better flavor. Some other variations of lassi include mango lassi, fruit lassi, papaya lassi, salty lassi, strawberry lassi, and masala lassi.Sweet Lassi
  • Buttermilk (Chaas): Buttermilk is made with the help of yogurt. It is very popular and the best summer drinks in entire India. You can give it a better flavor with ginger, mint, curry leaves and cumin. Oil tempering can also be done with spices and herbs.Buttermilk
  • Rooh Afza: This is a healthy syrup scented with sweet rose. If you want to make this at home you need vegetables, herbs, roots, and fresh fruits to prepare. For better taste, you may add rooh afza to kulfi, milk, ice cream, and falooda.Rooh Afza
  • Aam Ka Panna: It is prepared with mangoes. It helps in keeping the body cool and preventing it from heatstroke. Raw mangoes are a great source of iron and vitamin c.Aam Ka Panna
  • Piyush: This is a popular beverage of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is a cooling summer drink that is very creamy and smooth. Piyush is similar to lassi but is thicker, creamy and sweeter.Piyush
  • Thandai: This traditional drink is very popular in North India. If you want to prepare thandai at home, you need dry fruits, spices, and seeds to prepare. Thandai comes in one of those popular Indian drinks that made during Holi festival and mahashivratri.Thandai
  • Sattu: This is a healthy summer drink, prepared with roasted gram flour. This roasted black chickpea flour is also known as chane ka sattu. Sattu is a great summer drink option when you come to your home from the summer heat. This is one of the best summer drink.Sattu

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