10 Delicacies From Rajasthan

10 Delicacies From Rajasthan

Rajasthan is also known as “the land of Maharajas”. It has a rich culture but what really makes it stand apart is its cuisine. Rajasthanis love for food is well evident in their cooking. The most famous dishes of this state include Laal Maas and Dal Bati Churma. If you are a lover of food, you must have tasted them once in your life. If you haven’t experienced the taste of these dishes, your trip to Rajasthan is not complete.

These 10 delicacies from Rajasthan are a must have:-

  • Dal Bati ChurmaDal Bati ChurmaDal Bati Churma is one of the most famous dishes of Rajasthan. Rajasthani food is incomplete without Dal Bati Churma. The Batis is dipped in ghee and served with Dal and Churma, making a delicious combination.
    Daal Baati Churma Recipe
  • Laal MaasLal Mass

    The list of Rajasthani dishes is incomplete without Laal Maas. The fiery red chilies give this dish a spicy flavor. This dish goes well with bajra rotis or plain rice. This is the most loved delicacies from Rajasthan.
    Laal Maas Recipe

  • Ker Sangriker sengri

    Ker Sangri is a very simple dish to prepare. It comes high in the list of wedding menus of today. This desert dish is a kind of pickle. It goes well with Bajra roti.
    Ker Sangri Recipe

  • MohanthaalMohan thaal

    Rajasthani sweets are delicious. This sweet is also known as Dil Khushal or Besan ki Barfi. It feels delicious to chew and gives a grainy flavor in the mouth.
    Dil Khushal(Mohanthal) Recipe

  • Rajasthani KadhiRajasthani Kadhi

    Kadhi from Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and Punjab are quite famous. The Rajasthani version of this dish is spicy and pungent and is a treat for your taste buds. It is a staple part of Rajasthani people’s diet. It goes well with rice.
    Rajasthani Kadhi Recipe

  • Gatte ka PulaoGatte ka Pulao

    This is also known as Ram Pulao. The dish is a great combination of the spicy gate and freshly steamed rice. The juicy gattas are boiled and then mixed with spices which enhance the pulao’s taste.
    Gatte Ka Pulao Recipe

  • Churma LadooChurma Ladoo

    Churma Ladoos are a necessary part of a Rajasthani feast. These are made of desi ghee and are usually served after dal bati. They are one of the most delicious ladoos that you must try.
    Churma Ladoo Recipe

  • Badam Ka Halwa
    Badam Ka Halwa
    Photo Courtesy: jainrasoi

    This halwa refreshes your childhood memories. This halwa is perfect for winters. It is prepared with dry fruits, sugar, suji, and ghee.
    Badam Ka Halwa Recipe

  • Aam ki LaunjiAam ki LaunjiThis is a pickle that is made instantly with raw mangoes. It surely beats the heat. Prepared with fennel and nigella, it has got a sweet and sour taste. The flavor can be enhanced with soft mango chunks.
    Aam Ki Launji Recipe
  • Mawa KachoriMawa KachoriMawa Kachori is a type of kachori filled with dry fruits and khoya. They are dipped in sugar and deep fried. This dessert is perfect for consumption after a meal like lunch or dinner.
    Mawa Kachori Recipe

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