10 Delicious North Indian Recipes

10 Delicious North Indian Recipes

North Indian cuisine is filled with rich gravies, spicy vegetable fries, slow-cooked meat, and desserts. What makes the cuisine so great is the availability of vegetables, grains, fruits, and spices. In this article, we have given you some of the most cooked recipes of North India. A few delicious dishes from North-India are Rogan Josh, Chole Bhature, Dal-Bati Churma, and Chaat.

The North Indian recipes are richer when compared to other cuisines of India as there are a lot of dishes that are made in desi ghee or fresh cream. Some of the dishes take a long time to prepare and involve careful steps. But when you put them in your mouth, you know that you are in for a joyride.

North Indians also love simple comfort foods like Rajma Chawal, Dal Tadka, etc. Their love for dairy is evident as most traditional meals are served with paneer, lassi, chaas, kulfi, and kheer.

So, here are the best recipes from North India:-

  • Chole Bhature: This is a mouthwatering dish that has its origins in Punjab. This dish comes with chickpeas cooked in various spices. Chole Bhature is one of the popular North Indian recipes.

Chole Bhature

  • Rogan Josh: Rogan Josh is the main dish of Kashmir. This is a favorite dish of meat lovers.

Rogan Josh

  • Stuffed Bati: This snack, cooked in ghee, is served with dal and chutney. Bati has a filling of spices and paneer.

Stuffed Bati

  • Rice Kheer: A perfect dessert for a filling meal, rice kheer is prepared with khoya, milk, nuts, and cream.

Rice Kheer

  • Chicken Dum Biryani: Chicken Dum Biryani is a popular dish. This is a tasty biryani with chicken cooked in different spices.

Chicken biryani

  • Aloo Samosa: This is a perfect snack for the evening tea. It is a fried snack that is stuffed with a mixture of peas and potatoes.

Aloo Samosa

  • Nihari Gosht: This is a popular recipe of Hyderabad. This recipe originated in Delhi.

Nihari Gosht

  • Butter Chicken: Butter chicken is a great combination of chicken and spices and is very moist and tender.

Butter Chicken

  • Dahi Bhalla: Dahi Bhalla is a delicious treat that is prepared with yogurt and daal. These delicious bhallas are topped with sweet curd, tangy chutneys, and spices.

Dahi bhalla

  • Malai Kulfi: Malai kulfi is best served in a matki. It is prepared with condensed milk, dry fruits, and saffron.

Malai Kulfi

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