10 Popular Indian Veg Pulao Recipes.

10 Popular Indian Veg Pulao Recipes.

Pulao is a quick and easy one pot meal for every veg lover. It’s a tried and tested recipe idea when you have to cook food in a short time for a guest or when you are not in your mood for cooking. Basically, pulao recipes are served with the Raita, Pickel, Papad, and Salad. We usually use Basmati Rice to make pulao.
The best thing about pulao is that in most pulao recipes we can add veggies. That’s why pulao is a healthy and complete meal itself.
I have shared 10 best veg pulao recipes. I hope you will like the collection.

1. Pressure cooker veg pulao

Pressure cooker vegetable pulao
Photo Courtesy: steffisrecipes.com

This pressure cooker veg pulao recipe is aromatic, fluffy and perfect for every single time! Making this recipe in an instant pot or any other pressure cooker assures that everything cooks fast. Cooked with whole spices and lots of vegetables, this is the perfect dish for the main course.
Get the full recipe here.

2. Mushroom pulao

mushroom pulao
Photo Courtesy: www.merisaheli.com

Mushroom Pulao is a delicious North-Indian rice recipe. It is a tasty and flavourful recipe made with rice, mushroom and whole spices. You can use any variety of mushrooms, fresh or dried.
Get the full recipe here.

3. Matar pulao

matar pulao
Photo Courtesy: Ruchiskitchen

Aromatic Matar Pulao is an easy to make veg pulao dish which is made up of rice, spices and green peas! This is a popular pulao recipe made especially during winters in northern parts of India. The taste of Matar pulao is damn good!
Get the full recipe here.

4. Paneer pulao

paneer pulao
Photo Courtesy: Yummy Tummy

Paneer pulao is super easy to make and tastes very delicious. This is easy and one of the quickest pulao recipe you could ever make. You will love this Paneer pulao recipe which makes a perfect main course addition to a vegetarian dinner party.
Get the full recipe here.

5. Tawa pulao

tawa pulao
Photo Courtesy: Harkoichef

Tawa Pulao is also known as a popular Mumbai street food and it is an easy pulao recipe. If you like schezwan fried rice then you will love this Mumbai style Tawa pulao prepared from steamed rice (or leftover rice), vegetables and pav bhaji masala.
Get the full recipe here.

6. Tomato pulao

tomato pulao
Photo Courtesy: Revi’s Foodography

Tomato pulao is a lip-smacking and flavored pulao recipe cooked with tomatoes and other vegetables. It is easy to make and extremely delicious and flavorful.
Get the full recipe here.

7. Kashmiri pulao

Kashmiri pulao
Photo Courtesy: HungryForever

Kashmiri Pulao is a unique dish loaded with spices, dry fruits, and fresh fruits. The fragrance and richness of Kashmiri pulao reflects the spirit of the beautiful valley.
Get the full recipe here.

8. Kaju pulao

kaju pulao
Photo Courtesy: chefinyou.com

Kaju pulao is one of the best rice recipes that is healthy, easy to prepare and can be served with Raita and sorba. The taste of this fragrant and nutty pulao is damn good!
Get the full recipe here.

9. Potato pulao

potato pulao
Photo Courtesy: Archana’s Kitchen

Potato pulao recipe is a simple and quick one-pot rice recipe. This easy pulao recipe doesn’t need much spices and prep. This is also a kid-friendly recipe.
Get the full recipe here.

10. Shahi pulao

shahi pulao
Photo Courtesy: HungryForever

The appearance of the word Shahi always hints the richness of a recipe. The Shahi Pulao is a dish that is loaded with spices, veggies and a horde of dry fruits. This shahi pulao is a royal dish and the aromatic taste of this dish is perfectly paired with curd and pickle.
Get the full recipe here.

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