12 Best Different Indian Rice recipes

12 Best Different Indian Rice recipes

India is one of the world’s largest producers of rice; hence it also makes a large part of the daily Indian meals. As a side dish, main course or a dessert it is common to find rice during all meals on an Indian dining table.

Rice being a tropical crop, grows comfortably in the hot and humid Indian climate. As rice is grown easily in the region, it is consumed as a staple food. A lot of different varieties of rice is produced which has its own characteristic uses. In the Northern regions, usually aromatic biryanis and pulao are prepared from the long basmati rice. Short-Grained rice is used to prepare sweet dishes like kheer and phirni. In the East and Northeastern regions, people enjoy eating sweet-smelling rice like GovindoBogh and Joha rice along with traditionally prepared fish while in the South dishes like Pongal and Bisi Bele Bhat are prepared using rice.

India has a number of different rice recipes from traditional and authentic to some new and fusion recipes.

Here is a list of Different Indian rice recipes:


    1. Tomato Rice

This tangy and spicy rice dish is a must-try. Rice, slowly cooked in tomato gravy and with some whole spices, giving it that earthy and strong flavour.

tomato rice


    2. Lemon rice

Have leftover cooked rice? Don’t worry because this easy Lemon rice recipe will convert your leftovers into a finger-licking dish. Crispy onions, curry leaves mustard seeds, turmeric and lemon juice are enough to prepare this dish though you can add some extra spices and ingredients too. It is usually topped with some sautéed peanuts and cashews.

lemon rice


    3. Curd rice

Another easy recipe to turn your plain white rice into something interesting. Mix the steamed rice with yogurt and then top it with curry leaves, chilies, mustard seeds, urad dal, etc.

curd rice


   4. Bisibhili bath

Bisibele bath literally translates to “hot lentil rice dish”. It is an authentic recipe from Karnataka and has a lot of steps and ingredients involved. Bisibhili bath is thought to originate from the Palace of Mysore and then spread around the region. It is topped with ghee and is eaten with chutney, boondi, curd and other accompaniments.

bisibele bath


    5. Khichdi

Khichdi is one of Indian comfort foods. Usually khichdi is prepared with lentils and rice but some variations like prawn khichdi and sabudana khichdi also exist. It is a really healthy dish as it consists of both proteins and carbohydrates.



    6. Pulav

Pulav is a really famous North Indian rice dish. It is prepared at homes served during celebrations and also largely ordered in the restaurant.  It is not only famous in Indian but also in the surrounding Indian subcontinents. Pulav is usually white in colour and is pressure cooked along with a lot of other vegetables and spices. To make it rich some dry fruits and saffron are also added to the prepared dish.



     7. Mango rice

Mango Rice is popular in Southern India. Prepared with raw mangoes, some peanuts, curry leaves and spices. The raw mangoes give it a tangy flavour which makes the dish pretty addicting.

mango rice


   8. Sambhar Sadam

Sambhar is a really loved and healthy South Indian stew prepared with vegetables and lentils. This combination of rice and sambhar is high in protein and vitamins makes it an extremely healthy dish with a great taste. It’s a complete one-pot dish

sambhar sadam


   9. Biryani

Biryani is one of the most consumed rice dishes in India. The Hyderabadi nawabs, as well as the Mughal courts, served this delicacy. Both veg and non-veg biryani are equally loved by foodies. It is prepared by layering the flavoured meat or vegetables and rice and then cooking it on a slow heat while covering the container to enhance the aroma.



   10. Egg rice

Egg rice is one of those quick dishes to prepare on the lazy afternoons. It takes no time to be cooked and requires minimum ingredients. Add some veggies and cheese to the rice to give it a more exciting taste.

egg rice


 11.Jeera rice

Another frequently ordered rice dish in restaurants. Rice cooked with some cumin seeds and very mild spices sometimes only salt and served along with some curry or raita. It’s a very light dish and can be enjoyed during any meal of the day.

jeera rice


    12. Phirni

Phirni is a traditional Indian dessert.  It is prepared during the festival of Basant Panchami. It is similar to rice pudding. Small grained rice is cooked in whole cream milk at a pretty low flame for a long time. Yellow food colouring is added to give it a bright yellow colour and green pistachios are sprinkled on the top.


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