8 Basant Panchami Recipes

8 Basant Panchami Recipes

The festival of Basant Panchami/Vasant Panchami comes in the Hindu month of Magh. It signifies the start of the spring season. Like many other Indian festivals, this festival has many special sweets of its own.

Kite flying is a tradition of this festival. The sweets offered during this festival are mostly yellow in color like boondi, kesari bhaat, and rajbhog. The yellow is the preferred color of sweets as it signifies a bright color of a mustard flower which grows during this period. We have collected some interesting recipes for this Basant Panchmi. Try these Basant Panchami recipes this festive season:-

  • MalpuaMalpuaMalpua is a sweet that is in the form of deep-fried pancake and dipped in syrup. It is usually consumed with dry fruits and rabri. It is really delicious and sinful. This is one of the best Basant Panchami recipes. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2jTUJZB
  • KheerKheerThis is a delicious dish. It is made with a good amount of dry fruits. Adding digestible goodies will make this dish really delicious. Try the recipe of this amazing kheer. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kfxKcg
  • Sweet RiceSweet RiceSweet rice is prepared by boiling the rice to a sticky state and blending it with jaggery. This gives it a sweet and heavenly taste. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kQ2EI9
  • Boondi LaddooBoondi LadooThis is a much-loved laddoo and is best suitable for Basant Panchami. This is a delicious sweet with Kesari flavor. The bright yellow color makes it perfect for Basant Panchami. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kfHF1G
  • BoondiBoondiThis is a great Prasad for this festival. It is a favorite among all the deities. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2jVuAfj
  • Kesari SheeraKesari SheeraKesari Halwa(Kesari Sheera) is prepared with the roasted grain. It is thickened and flavored using a great amount of sugar, ghee, and dry fruits. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kQ3aWW
  • RajbhogRajbhogRajbhog is very similar to rasgulla and is brighter. The taste too is similar to that of rasgulla. What’s different is the flavor of Kesar and dry fruits that are added to it. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kpKaRE
  • Sarso Ka SaagSarso da saagThis is a signature dish of Punjab. Here’s the recipe: http://bit.ly/2kqJ7AC

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