8 Traditional Indian Winter Recipes

8 Traditional Indian Winter Recipes

Winter is the season in which you can give your taste buds a great treat. Indian winter recipes are not only delicious but are also beneficial for overall health. This food keeps you warm and strengthens immunity.

Sometimes mineral deficiency is caused due to winters which can be supplemented with proper diet. There are some winter foods like Gajar Ka Halwa(Carrot Halwa) and Makke Di Roti and Sarson da Saag which have many nutritional properties.

Here are 8 popular Indian winter recipes that you must try:-

  1. Gajar Ka Halwa:
    Photo Courtesy: Youtube
    Photo Courtesy: Youtube


    1. Gajar Ka Halwa is one of the most popular winter dishes. It is an all-time favorite dessert of India. It is a must have sweet during cold winters. This sweet is prepared with ghee (clarified butter). It is filled with dry fruits and tastes really great in winter season as fresh, sweet carrots are available. Carrots help in regulating blood sugar and are rich in dietary fiber. Ghee helps in enhancing physical and mental health. Ghee gives the body warmth and dry fruits fight colds.

    Gajar Ka Halwa recipe


   2. Sarson Da Saag:                                      


This is a popular winter dish, very famous in Punjab. It is best consumed with makke ki roti, jaggery, and butter. Sarson Da Saag is filled with nutrients. Sarson is enriched with protein and iron. It is also anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant, making it an essential part of the diet.

Sarson Da Saag recipe

Makki Ki Roti recipe


  1. Spicy Sweet Potatoes:
    Photo Courtesy: sweetpeaskitchen
    Photo Courtesy: sweetpeaskitchen


    Sweet potatoes are available in huge amounts in the winter season. It is consumed in many forms. Some people roast it, some people boil it and spice it. Maximum people like to make it with spices and then eat it with roti (also known as chapati). Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Spicy Sweet Potatoes recipe


  1. Gaund ke laddoo:
    Photo Courtesy: healthyvegrecipes
    Photo Courtesy: healthyvegrecipes


    It is made of dietary gum that is easily reachable and got from the bark of a tree. Gaund gives warmth in the body and also fights winter colds. These laddoos are made with ghee which is very beneficial in limited amounts. This unique winter dish is best eaten with a glass of milk.

Gaund ke laddo recipe



    5. Rogan Josh:                                                                                                          Rogan Josh

This is a Kashmiri dish that is filled with dry fruits and nuts. The hot spices add to the warmth given by this dish to the body. The mutton used in the dish is cooked well in spices that are traditional. Rogan Josh is a popular dish that is spicy and hot and protects the body from cold.

Rogan Josh recipe


       6. Paya Shorba:

Photo Courtesy: pearlkitchen
Photo Courtesy: pearlkitchen


Paya Shorba is a soup which is prepared with hoof or trotters of a cow, lamb or goat. The shorba is made with spices that make it nice. This tasty dish is filled with nutrition and is very good for winters as it produces heat in the body.

Paya Shorba recipe


  1. Undhiyo:
    Photo courtesy: hubpages
    Photo courtesy: hubpages


    This dish is a specialty of Gujrat that’s made with papdi (a vegetable). A hot veg dry stew is prepared using papdi and other vegetables like sweet potatoes, brinjals, peas, etc. These vegetables are tossed with heat generating spices. The dish can be consumed with puris or methi muthiyas(a traditional dish).

Undhiyo recipe


    8. Rasam:                                                                                                         


Rasam is a very popular South-Indian dish. Rasam contains red lentils, which are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and proteins. This soupy dish is spicy and carries traditional masalas like turmeric and other spices. Besides that, it contains some vegetables. It can be consumed as a whole meal. If you take a bowl of rasam, it will help you bear the winter evenings more easily.

Rasam recipe


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