Best summer non-alcoholic Drinks

Best summer non-alcoholic Drinks

Long Days, Clear Skies, Bright Sun and SCORCHING HEAT summer can be a lovely season to go for a swim or a trip to beach but at the same time the blazing sun, high temperatures and warm winds can make you sick.

Keeping oneself hydrated is very important in the summer season to prevent heatstroke, nausea, dry skin etc. Drinking plain water may sound boring and all those carbonated cold drinks might be harmful. Here is a list of best summer non-alcoholic drinks which will quench your thirst and will also provide you with a boost of energy and immunity.


In the scorching summer sun a cold glass of Lassi with a layer of fluffy and light white butter is all one needs. Lassi is a popular traditional yogurt based dish. It originated from the Indian sub-continent. Lassi is a summer favorite and is available in different flavors; traditionally lassi is made to be salty but sweet lassi is also very famous especially in Northern India, Sometimes seasonal fruits like mangoes and strawberries are also added to the lassi.



Kokam Sharbat

Kokam (Garcinia Indica) is a fruit native to southern India which is purple colored in its completely ripe stage. It has a lot of culinary and medicinal uses. It has anti- inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and weight reducing properties. . Prepared by pureeing the fruit and then adding sugar and some light spices to it, Kokam Sharbat is the best drink to beat the summer heat as it helps in reducing body heat which makes you feel cool.




Sattu Sharbat

Sattu ka Sharbat is one of the easiest thing to prepare all you have to do is mix the sattu powder in water till you attain the required consistency and then add some sugar or spices depending on if you want to make a sweet or salty drink. The base of the drink “Sattu” is a kind of flour made out of roasted chana (gram) which is extremely high in protein and fiber. It improves digestion, provides energy and also helps in preventing heat strokes. A perfect drink for a hot day!!




Bel Sharbat

If you are craving for a delicious cold drink but also want to boost your immunity Bel Sharbat is your answer. Bel fruit has a hard outer shell somewhat like that of a coconut and an extremely soft, peachy smelling center which is naturally sweet in taste. Bel is packed with a lot of nutrients like protein, vitamin C, riboflavin, etc. It also controls your cholesterol and increases the metabolism which helps in weight reduction and its high fiber content makes it diabetes friendly.




Solkadi is a popular coconut milk and kokum drink of the Goa and Konkan region of India. It helps in cooling down the digestive system after eating some spicy food or on an extremely hot day. The eye catching pink color and the amazing flavors from the creamy coconut milk and sweet and sour kokum should not be missed. Coconut milk helps in weight loss, immunity boost and cholesterol control on the other hand kokam anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and cooling properties. This drink not only pleases your taste buds but refreshes your whole body.




Summer and mangoes go together. This bright yellow sweet mango dish cannot be missed during the summer season. “Aam” means “Mango” and “Ras” means “Juice/puree” and that’s exactly what this dish is. Prepared by pureeing the mango pulp and adding some cardamom and sugar for taste it is an amazing treat to one’s taste buds.




Panakam is a south Indian cooling drink. It is extremely easy to prepare the only ingredients required are lemon juice, jaggery, ginger powder, cardamom powder and black pepper. It has a unique sweet and spicy taste. This drink is also served during the holy festival of ram navami. In ancient times Panakam was used as an Oral rehydration solution (ORS) in Southern parts of India because jaggery is loaded with natural electrolytes and raw carbonates which is the perfect anecdote to dehydration.



Phalsa Sharbat

Phalsa (Grewia asiatica) is a bluish black Indian berry which is available in the summer season from April to June. According to Ayurveda Phalsa cures heart and blood disorders, it also allays thirst and burning sensation. It makes a perfect vibrant colored summer drink which prevents dehydration and heatstroke.

phalsa sharbat

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