Chaat: Great Street Foods Of India

Chaat: Great Street Foods Of India

The Indian street foods are popularly known as “Chaat”. Chaat is a delicious snack with its sweet, crunchy, hot and tangy flavors. It is also an ideal alternative to regular meals.

Chaats have their origin in North India. They are wholesome and easy to prepare food. Chaats are prepared fresh and consumed immediately. Due to their sweet, tangy and hot taste, chaats are addictive food. At any given day, you will find a great crowd, along the roadside enjoying Chaat at the Chaat stalls.

Chaat parties are a popular affair in India and around the world. There are many restaurants in the USA that send a person to your home who will prepare fresh Pani Puri, bhelpuri, etc.

Chaat parties can be organized for large and small crowds. It is a good idea to include traditional desserts and sweets in this meal.

If you don’t want to prepare chutneys by yourself, you can get them from a grocery store. You can also get ready-made Bhel mix and Puris. You will also need to buy tomatoes, green chilies, onion, and coriander. You should chop all the vegetables beforehand. Before serving the chaat, you can add green chutney and tamarind chutney.

Here are some of the chaats that can be easily prepared:-

  • Bhel Puri: Bhel poori is a delicious snack made of rice. It is a very mouth-watering chaat.

Bhel Puri

  • Pani Puri: These semolina puris have a filling of sprouts and mint flavored water. This is a great snack in the summer season.

Pani Puri

  • Dahi Batata Puri: Dahi batata puri is a combination of tiny, crisp puris mixed with ragda, potatoes and topped with different curds and chutneys.

Dahi Batata Puri

  • Pav Bhaji: A perfect street food that is a meal in itself. The bhaji is a spicy mix of vegetables with tomato gravy. Bhaji is served with pav cooked in butter.

Pav Bhaji

  • Chole Bhature/Puri: Bhatura/Puri goes well with Chole. The dish is best eaten immediately after preparation.

Chole Bhature

  • Ragda Patties: This is a complete meal in itself. It is very simple and easy to cook and takes little time. The filling can be done with paneer, corn, french beans, and beans.

Ragda Patties

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