Momos: India’s Most Popular Street Food

Momos: India’s Most Popular Street Food

Momo is a Nepal’s version of dumpling. These delicious dumplings are stuffed with different kinds of ground meat like mutton, lamb, chicken or vegetables. The origin of Momos is attributed to China and they travelled from Tibet to the Himalayas and became prominent in the Indian continent. The steamed dumplings, which have been a part of Tibetan and Nepali cuisine for a long time now, have a huge fan following throughout the country. Be it Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Bengaluru, Momos can be found in most of the restaurants, cafes or street food vendors.

This delicious snack is loved by all and is often served with fiery hot chutney. People are trying many new flavours and varieties of serving them. Be it Tandoori Momos, Pan Fried Momos or Whole wheat ones, if you are a Momo lover, then we have made a list of delicious kinds of Momos that you must try:-

Steamed Momos:

These Momos are steamed and can be found in every restaurant or café of Nepal. These delicious juicy momos are filled with small pieces of veggies/meat that are filled in dumpling steamer. Some of the most popular momo places of Kathmandu include Sandar momo, Everest momo and Magic momo.

Kothey Momos:

These momos are half fried and half steamed momos which are elongated in shape. The filling can be done with vegetables or different kinds of meats including buff, pork and chicken.

Chilly Momos:

Chilly momos are dipped in hot and spicy sauce. If you want to try something hot and spicy, then chicken momo is something that you must try. For those who love spicy food, this is a must-have.

Deep fried Momos:

Deep fried momos

These crunchy Momos can be prepared by deep frying the momo or steaming the momo and frying. These Momos are so tasty that you will forget about health-conscious thoughts.

Chocolate Momos:

chocolate momos

If you thought that Momos could only be prepared with savoury fillings, you should try chocolate momos. These are prepared with gooey chocolate lava filling and little pieces of cake. These dumplings can be further topped with chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings. These sweets are a must try for everyone.

Momos in Chilly Garlic Sauce:

momos with chilly garlic sauce

These are steamed and juicy momos that are tossed in a fiery hot garlic sauce. It is a very delightful treat for those who like spicy food. If you want to try these, you must visit Delhi’s Kamla Nagar. It is a unique version of the dish.

Jhol Momos:

jhol momos

Jhol is basically a liquid that is a thick sauce and Jhol Momos are drowned in jhol achar. The sauce or jhol achar is of thin texture and is hot, spicy and tangy. Two of the best places to have Jhol Momo in Kathmandu are GG and Le Trio.

Open Momos:

open momos

Ghangri Sui Mai is one of the most famous places for open momo lovers. These momos can be filled easily due to their four openings.

Tandoori Momos:

tandoori momos

This is a delicious combination of momo and tandoori. It is rich in texture and it will be a treat for your taste buds. These can be found at Best Food Café, Gwarko near B&B hospital.

Dhapu Momos:

dhapu momos

Tibetan momo or Dhapu momo is commonly found bigger in size than the regular size of momos. The inner filling of these type of momos tastes great.


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