Recipes to try out this Monsoon Season

Recipes to try out this Monsoon Season

The scorching heat makes everyone thrive for some refreshing monsoon showers. Monsoon is one of the most beautiful seasons of India from lush green views to a lower and cooler temperature everything seems wonderful. The big umbrellas, trendy flip flops and colorful raincoats can be seen everywhere while the addicting aroma of wet mud covers the air like an envelope.

The temptation to eat something crispy, crunchy, buttery and hot also increases during the monsoon season. Nutritionists and health experts have stated that as the temperature outside drops the body wants to eat something warmer and heavier creating the cravings as it makes us feel warm and cozy.

Here is a list of some amazing recipes to try out this Monsoon season:


Masala Chai

Water droplets sliding down the window…… the rusty aroma of wet mud fills the air and a cup of hot spiced chai in your hand. Sounds like heaven right!!!

Chai/Tea is one of the most consumed beverages round the globe. A number of different versions of chai are available out there but Masala Chai tops them all. The addition of different spices like cinnamon, cardamom, gingers and black peppercorn does not only intensify its flavor but also its nutritional value.

masala chai



Crunchy and crispy from outside, soft and fluffy from inside. Nothing can be more appetizing than Pakoras on a monsoon evening. Munching these with some spicy green chutney while the calming sound of rain hitting the ground plays in the background is a different type of addiction.

Pakore are one of the most in demand Indian snack during the monsoon season.One has a lot of options when it comes to pakoras. Potatoes, Onions, eggplants, spinach, paneer, chicken,  fish, groundnut etc.  are dipped in a batter prepared from  besan, dal, rice flour etc. and are then deep fried. Choose one of your own liking and then enjoy them with a suitable sauce or chutnee.




The aroma of corn being roasted on the open fire holds the power of attracting people out of their houses just to grab a bite.

As soon as the monsoon hits the city you can see vendors all along roadsides roasting fresh golden corns. The aroma of burning coal and the tangy flavour of the corn glazed with lime juice and some spices is addicting.

Sweet corn is equally loved by people. Corn kernels are boiled and then butter and some spices are added to it giving it a very unique and warm flavour. The cool monsoon weather marks the perfect time to grab a cup of sweet corn and enjoy the rain.




No season or condition can stop a Samosa lover from eating a samosa. Biting into the crispy outer layer and reaching till the flavorful and mushy potato filling excites one’s taste buds.  Even the sound of the samosas being dropped into the hot oil is like music to one’s ears.

The outer layer is usually made from all-purpose flour dough with some spices and cumin seeds. Though authentically they are filled with a spicy potato filling but peas, dal and non-veg can also be used as a filling. Hot crispy samosa with a tangy and sweet chutney is enough to make one happy.




Round, flat, crispy and filling that’s what a Kachori is. A flaky outer layer holds in all the flavours of the amazing filling.

Kachori is thought to be originated from the state of Uttar Pradesh. They are enjoyed throughout India and every region uses a filling suiting their taste. So you can also easily prepare this amazing dish at home easily.



Aloo Tikki

Who doesn’t like to have a bowl of hot slightly crunchy potato patties topped with yoghurt, chutney, sev, anaar and other various chaat toppings? It’s like a mélange of flavours exploding in one’s mouth.

It is also a very popular Indian street snack. Boiled Potatoes are mashed and spices are added to it. They are then shaped into round flat shapes and shallow fried until crispy from outside. It is served topped with various tasty toppings.

aloo tikki


Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t like to dig into a plate of meaty chicken wings? Fried or grilled, either way, they hold a special place in all the meat lovers heart. The rains, on the other hand, make it more difficult for one to stop their cravings for this flavorful delight.

Chicken wings have stayed around for a very long time. Meaty thick chicken pieces covered in a batter and crumbs and then deep fried served along with a sauce this is a complete mouthwatering dish.

chicken wings



As the weather gets a little chilly outside wrapping your fingers around the warm bowl while sipping some hot soup doesn’t sound like a bad plan.

If you are more on the healthy snacking side this should be your go-to meal. Soups can be prepared very easily and quickly at home with the ingredients at hand. May it be a clear vegetable soup, tomato soup or a chicken soup, it always makes you feel warm, full and healthy.



Pav Bhaji

Buttery crispy Pav accompanied by spicy and flavorful Bhaji is all that is needed to enjoy the monsoon shower. Pav Bhaji is one of the go-to Indian street food which is tasty but also has the nutrients of a lot of vegetables.

The bhaji is prepared from the mixture of a lot of vegetables cooked and mashed together. It is topped with a little bit of lemon juice, butter and onions. The Pav is a type of bun cooked till crispy in a lot of butter and is eaten by dipping it in the bhaji.

pav bhaji


Fried Rice

A nice bowl of fried rice with a sunny-side-up on the top. Sounds delicious right? After getting soaked in the rain a warm bowl of mushy rice with crispy assorted vegetables and a perfectly done egg is all that one needs.

It is easy to prepare and the addition of different types of vegetables even make it healthy and full of nutrients.

fried rice


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