Top 10 Savory Easy mutton biryani recipes

Top 10 Savory Easy mutton biryani recipes


Mutton biryani is also known as kachche gosht ki biryani or Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Traditionally biryani is a spicy, aromatic and flavorful dish and in India biryani is prepared by cooking the raw meat with spices for sometimes and then it is concealed with rice and kept on dum (under pressure) until it is fully cooked. With the help of these easy mutton biryani recipes you can prepare lip-smacking biryani at home.

You may find it complicated to make biryani at home.But it is very simple and easy. Mutton biryani recipes don’t require much labor. The great thing about this Hyderabadi mutton biryani recipe is that it is cooked using ‘Dum’ cooking method or slow cooking method to retain all the flavors and to make the meat juicy. It requires less oil because it is cooked on a low flame which makes it a healthy and a delicious recipe. To highlight the flavors of biryani you can dry-roast the spices then add it to the biryani.

To make the meat moist and juicy, soak and leave it for sometimes. The scrubbed meat absorbs all the spices and makes it succulent. Marinate it with salt and a pinch of turmeric in lukewarm water for some time then clean it completely with normal water. By doing this process it not only makes the meat tender but it also takes out all the impurities from the meat.


Here are 10 types of mouth-watering easy mutton biryani recipes which you can make at home with less complexity have a look!

1.    Keema Biryani

Keema biryani

Keema biryani is from South India and it is very popular across the globe. It’s delicious combination of rice with fragrant of dry roasted spices is a pleasure. This keema biryani is perfect for dinner party occasions to impress everybody with your cooking skills.

2.    Awadhi mutton biryani

Biryani has unified our country in an exceptional way with it immigrating flavors and deliciousness this Awadhi mutton Biryani is originated in India during Mughal era, its traditional style of cooking still rule our hearts. It seems complicated to cook this at home in an Awadhi style, but it is really easy mutton biryani recipes.

3.    Chicken Reshmi biryani recipe

Chicken Reshmi Biryani Recipe

This Chicken Biryani originated in India during Mughal Empire and was cooked to feed Mughal armies during war period. This lip-smacking chicken biryani is a one-pot meal of chicken and amalgamation of rice with a flavor of chilies and other spices.

4.    Makhni paneer biryani

Makhni Paneer Biryani
Makhni Paneer Biryani

This vegetarian Paneer Biryani originated in North India. Most of the Makhni Paneer dishes are prepared with butter which make it a filling meal of North Indian Cuisine. This Makhni Paneer biryani is a vegetarian biryani which is especially invented for vegetarians. This biryani is prepared with paneer, cream gravy and layering of rice cooked in Dum style. This dish is served with Indian breads.

5.    Calicut chicken biryani

Calicut Chicken Biryani
Calicut Chicken Biryani

Biryani is a popular rice based dish. It has rich and royal history which makes it a royal dish. Biryani is a main course meal. Either you can have it at lunch time or at dinner. Basically biryani originated from the Muslim community. Calicut chicken biryani belongs to Kerala. It is quickly and easily prepared with simple ingredients and steps.

6.    Scheherazade biryani recipe

Scheherazade Biryani Recipe

scheherazade belongs to Iran and made in Iranian style. It is layered with the doused fish and fried onions and topped with raisins and cashews. Its aroma of rose water increases the flavor of this Iranian style biryani.

7.    Dum murg ki kacchi biryani

Dum Murg Ki Kacchi Biryani
Dum Murg Ki Kacchi Biryani

This is easy mutton biryani recipe prepared on the low flame with available ingredients such as rice, curd, saffron and spices. This tempting biryani is enough to please your taste-buds. You can add this biryani in your brunch partiers as well as on small family gatherings.

8.    Tehari biryani

Tehari biryani
Tehari Biryani

This biryani is dedicated to Indian vegetarians because it was invented for the vegetarian Hindus by the Mughal legends. Since then it has become one of the famous recipes among vegetarians throughout North India. This biryani contains carrots, beans, potatoes, peas and varied veggies and spices to give it rich and heavenly flavors.

9.    Memoni biryani


Memoni biryani is particularly very spicy kind of a biryani. This biryani belongs to the Gujarati-sindh part of a country. It is prepared with potatoes, onions, yogurt and lamb. Memoni is quite different from regular Sindhi biryanis. It includes very less tomatoes. In this biryani food color is also used which makes its color and texture different from other biryanis.

10.  Kalyani biryani

kalyani biryani
kalyani biryani

Kalyanki Biryani is also known as poor man’s Hyderabadi biryani. This biryani is made from buffalo meat. It is less expensive biryani because it does not include any expansive ingredients like traditional Hyderabadi biryani but its taste and filling flavors are just like other royal biryanis.  This biryani originated in the era of Kalyani Nawabs in Hyderabad.


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