Top 15 South Indian Snacks Recipes

Top 15 South Indian Snacks Recipes

Everyone looks forward to having a nice snack in the evening, with tea or at any time of the day. Nobody hates to have a little flavorful munch. If you are a snack lover and also love to try various cuisines then this is the right place for you. South Indian cuisine has always been a thing all round the world. Warm idlis and paper thin dosa is something we all are familiar with. Digging deep into the cuisine we have prepared a list of top 15 South Indian snacks you must try.

Here is a list of top 15 South Indian Snacks:-


Murukku is a crispy tea-time snack prepared from the combination of urad and rice flour. It is given this unique twisted and round shape with the help of a small mold or by hands. The shape further contributes to the crispiness of the snack which makes it addicting.


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It is a popular street snack from the Andhra region. It is usually prepared from the same batter used to make dosa (fresh or fermented which even affects the flavor accordingly) a few spices are added to it to give the snack an even better flavor. The batter is dropped into the hot oil in the shape of small balls and is fried till they are golden and crispy. It is served hot with a peanut or coconut chutney.


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Chicken 65 (Kerala style)

Chicken 65 is a really popular fried chicken dish that originated from Hotel Buhari in Chennai. Its iconic flavor comes from the red chilies and other spices used. There are some vegetarian versions of this dish as well prepared from cauliflower or cottage cheese.

chicken 65

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Adai (non-fermented dosa)

Adai can be called as a quick and non-fermented dosa. The batter is prepared by grinding soaked lentils and rice similar to a dosa batter but it is not fermented. The batter is directly poured on a greased pan and spread in a circular manner till the required thickness is achieved. Adai can be made thick, flat or crispy according to one’s choice and is usually served with chutney.


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Kerala fried prawns

As Kerala is a coastal region, prawn is considered as their staple dish. Freshly caught prawns crisped in coconut oil and cooked with very mild spices like mustard seeds, turmeric, chilies and some curry leaves. It has a very clean and refreshing taste. If you are a seafood lover you must give it a shot.

kerala fried prawns

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Banana chips

Banana chips are everybody’s favorite South Indian snacks and if you have not tried it yet you are missing on a big deal. They are prepared by thinly slicing raw bananas and then drying and deep frying them. They are then mixed with spices which provide these crispy wafers with that unforgettable taste. Once you start eating them, it is a bit difficult to stop.

banana chips

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Aloo Bonda

Crispy from outside mushy and soft from inside, Aloo Bonda is a typical South Indian snack prepared from potatoes, spices and gram flour. Boiled potatoes are mashed and mixed with spices. They are then made into balls and are dipped into a gram flour paste and deep fried. They go well along with spicy chutney or some ketchup.

aloo bonda

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Pesarattu is a dosa prepared from moong dal which requires no fermentation and is quick to prepare. It is a very healthy crepe like snack which is high in protein.


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Upma is a savory thick porridge prepared from dry-roasted semolina. It is usually eaten during breakfast and is very popular in the Southern Indian states. A very healthy snack as it incorporates minimum amount of oil and the addition of vegetables, peanuts and cashews add to its nutritive value.


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Mendu Vada

A typical South Indian fried snack Mendu Vada is prepared from a lentil paste. Usually made in a donut shape, it is crispy and flaky from outside and soft from inside. The word Mendu itself means ‘soft’ in Kannada. It is served along with Sambhar and coconut or garlic chutney.

mendu vada

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Fried idli

Idli is the most widely known and traditional South Indian dish. Fried Idli is a sort of modern twist on this authentic dish. Steamed idlis are pan fried along with some vegetables, spices and sauces (optional). The addition of curry leaves and mustard seeds provide it the unique South Indian touch.

fried idli

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Ribbon pakoda

Ribbon pakaoda are prepared from rice and gram flour mix. They are named after their long ribbon like shape and have a unique addicting taste. They are crispy and fried perfect to go along a warm cup of tea.

ribbon pakoda

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These are fried, flat and crispy disk like snacks prepared from rice flour mixed with some spices. There are both sweet and salty versions of this available. It is typically prepared during the festivals of Janmashtmi or Shri Krishna Jayanti.


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It’s a crispy, round, salty snack prepared from urad dal flour. It is a comparatively difficult dish to master at home as the balls tend to burst when dropped into the oil but practice makes a man perfect.


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Mangalore buns

These buns are mildly sweet, soft and fluffy. They are like pooris prepared from all-purpose flour and banana. It is a very popular breakfast item or a tea time snack in the Mangalorean region.

manglore buns

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