Top 8 Fusion Indian Sweet Recipes with Pictures

Top 8 Fusion Indian Sweet Recipes with Pictures

Indian classic sweets are great on their own but why not give them a twist and present them in a new way to your guests when you serve them fusion sweets like Gulabjamun Cheesecake, Motichoor Rabri Parfait, or Chocolate kheer, They will surely be impressed by these Indian fusion sweets. Indian sweets have always been a significant element of Indian cuisine. With the growing popularity of Indian food around the globe, Indian sweets have also gained their much-deserved recognition. But if you are a person with a sweet tooth and have faith in the existence of mad food scientists then these Indian sweet recipes with a punch of a twist you should definitely try them once. These Top 8 fusion Indian sweet recipes with pictures will surely get attention at your party.

Here is the list of top 8 fusion Indian sweet recipes with pictures:

1. Chocolate Kheer

Chocolate Kheer

Kheer is the classic Indian sweet dessert that is often cooked during festivals or special occasions. There are many varieties of Kheer but who doesn’t love Chocolate, for all the CHOCOHOLICS it’s time to rise because this combination of chocolate and one of India’s ancient desserts “KHEER” is ready to take over the chocolate paradise.

2. Motichoor Rabri Parfait

Motichoor Rabri Parfait

If someone loves motichoor laddo they will definitely love this Motichoor Parfait. Cool and creamy Parfait with the sweetness and unbelievable texture of motichoor and the rich and thick rabdi topping it all. These must be the heavenly flavors that combine in one dessert.

3. Gajar Halwa Tart

Gajar Halwa Tart

Gajar halwa is a popular sweet during winter and it is the winter favorite Indian dessert. The tarts help in easily serving the halwa in bite-size manageable portions and also add an amazing crunch to the sweet paradise. This crunchy and sweet combo will amaze your guest on any occasion.

4. Peach Phirni

Peach Phirni

Phirni is normally made with rice, milk, and sugar but adding peach gives a smooth and creamy texture to this phirni. It looks creamy and Peachy. This is one of those sweets which make it hard for one to keep his eyes off. A single serving is not enough for a sweet tooth person when it comes to peach phirni.

5. Kesar Badam Cupcake

Kesar Badam Cupcake

Who doesn’t love Cupcakes when it comes to Kids, they love cupcakes. Nobody can go wrong with these cute cupcakes, and the Kesar Badam cupcake does not prove this fact wrong. The sweet and nutty taste of Badam and the beautiful color of kesar is going great with the presentation of these cupcakes.

6. Apple Jalebi

Apple jalebi is an amazing combination of fruit and jalebi. When you want to try something beyond this apple jalebi is best. The ever-popular Jalebi with a fruity apple makeover! This apple jalebi is looking very pleasant and delicious at the first sight.

7. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

Gulab jamun cheesecake is a mind-blowing ultimate Indian fusion dessert. This Gulab Jamun Cheesecake is creamy, full of rich Indian flavors with a sweet surprise on the inside. Gulabjamun is one of the most popular Indian sweets and the cheesecake an all-time favorite dessert from the west. A showstopper dessert for all special occasions.

8. Rabri Nankhatai

Rabri Nankhatai

Nankhatai is an authentic Indian sweet and savory eggless cookies that can be simply prepared at your home. If you want to add some extra flavors to it then add Rabri to it. Rabri Nankhatai is very popular during the festive season. People love to enjoy this sweet cookie with rabri and relish it with their friends.


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