Veg Mughlai Recipes

Veg Mughlai Recipes

Mughlai cuisine consists of dishes prepared in the medieval Indo-Persian world at the center of the Mughal Empires. Mughal cuisine is strongly influenced by the Persianate and Turkic cuisine from where the Mughals originally originated. The most distinctive feature of the Mughlai cuisine is the distinguishable aroma which gives each dish a unique and exotic taste. The use of whole and grounded spices makes the dish full of flavor and the richness of the dishes is displayed by the addition of dry fruits, nuts and fresh creams. The royalties were usually served meat dishes like seekh kebabs, dum biriyanis,ets. Filled with flavors, but that doesn’t mean that all those non meat eaters out there cannot have an experience of the royal kitchens.There are a number of veg Mughlai recipes out there which tastes equally royal and rich compared to the non vegetarian ones.

Here is a list of some amazing Veg Mughlai Recipes:


Shahajahani dal

If you are a chickpeas lover then this dish out of the royal kitchens is the one for you. Shahajahani dal is named after the Mughal emperor Shahajahan. It is prepared from Kabuli peas cooked with a host of grounded and whole spices. It is a truly magnificent dish perfect to go along with your Roghani naans or some freshly prepared rice.

shahajahani dal


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Zafarani Pulao or sweet saffron rice is a delicacy made using saffron, dry fruits, sugar and rice. This dish is full of aromatic ingredients and tantalizing flavors combining together to form a mouthwatering dish. It is an exotic recipe usually prepared during festivities.



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Corn seekh kebabs

Seekh Kebabs are usually made with mutton or chicken but all the vegetarians out there don’t worry because there is no need for you to miss out on these amazing kebabs. Corn Seekh Kebab is a veg alternative of the authentic kebabs. They are made out of grated corns mixed with a load of spices and then cooked on a tandoor. Their smoky flavor is enhanced by the butter and chilly tempering. They are usually enjoyed with spicy yogurt chutney and some onions on the side.



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Akbari dal

Akbari dal is a popular Mughlai recipe prepared with Urad dal, fresh cream and a variety of spices. It is an amazing recipe to prepare for guests or on special occasions. Served best with roomali roti, naan or rice, this dish of the royal darbars can gain you a lot of praises.



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Shahi Tukda

If you are fond of sweet dishes then this Mughlai dessert is ready to be on your favorites list. Shahi Tukda is a bread pudding that is usually prepared during festivals. The word Shahi (royal) itself tells about the rich taste of the dish and its royal background. Shahi Tukda literally means “A piece of royalty”. It is prepared by deep-frying the bread and then soaking it in sugar syrup, topped with condensed milk or rabdi and some dry nuts. It is an extremely sweet dish perfect to be served along with the highly flavorful and spicy Mughlai dishes.

shahi tukda


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Rogini naan

Rogani naan is made with all-purpose flour, eggs, milk, yogurt and a few spices. It is a famous Mughlai flat bread. Yeast is added to the dough while preparing it and it is left to rest for a few hours. The naans are rolled and pricked with a fork and then cooked in a clay oven. This crispy yet soft bread goes well with everything. It is usually buttered and sprinkled with some poppy seeds. Some people also like to add some chopped onions, garlic, coriander and spices to the dough while kneading it.



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Sheer Khurma

Sheer Khurma literally meaning “milk with dates” in Persian, is a Mughlai vermicelli pudding. It is a traditional Muslim dessert and a festive breakfast. On Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul-Adha it is eaten in the morning after the special Eid prayers. The main ingredients of the dish are milk, vermicelli and dates. Other dry fruits can also be added to it and in some regions people also add a little bit of rose water to it.



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Malai kofta

Rich and creamy these two words are enough to describe the delicious Malai Kofta.  ‘Malai’ means cream and ‘kofta’ are fried dumplings. The Koftas are usually made with paneer (cottage cheese), potatoes or other vegetables. To make them more rich and flavor full, they are usually filled with some dry fruits and nuts. The gravy is creamy and mildly sweet made out of cashew paste, whole cream and some whole spices. It is best served with naan, parathas or some hot rice.



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Qubani ka meetha

Qubani ka meetha or Khubani ka meetha is an authentic Mughlai dessert prepared from boiled apricots and topped with cream and nuts. Qubani/ Kubani are the Urdu term for apricots. It is believed that apricots were introduced in India by central Asians. Apricots have low fat and plenty of fiber. They are also loaded with a lot of essential vitamins needed by the body.



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